The Stranglers- Giants


The StranglersGiants
Release date: 2013May28 (North America)
Label: Absolute/Ear Music
Rating: 4.5/5

Here’s something you don’t see every day: A new release from The Stranglers. These veterans of UK punk rock have been around for 4 decades and have released 17 albums with 24 Top 40 singles. “Another Camden Afternoon” starts things off with bluesy riffs that give way to a melodic backbone. “Freedom is Insane” harkens back to their roots with straight-forward, no bullshit punk rock. Other gems include the title track (reminds me of Billy Bragg for a reason), “My Fickle Resolve” (one of the strongest overall tracks…highlights their melodic prowess and it’s more than just another Stranglers track), “Time Was Once On My Side” (Another winner with blues-tinged guitar and bass licks), “Mercury Rising” (three times the charm) and “15 Steps” (great closer…catchy like a rodeo track). I’m not that great at reviewing music sometimes but I want you to know that this is an album that you should definitely check out. Hopefully, younger fans will listen and discover a whole world of music just waiting for them.

FCC: Mostly clean
Try: 6,7,8,10


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