Oblivians- Desperation


Release date: 2013May28
Label: In The Red
Rating: 5/5

I don’t consider press blurbs to be reliable or useful (“soulful punk-garage-blues-trash” what?) so I’ll rely on my ears for this one. “I’ll Be Gone” gets things off to a great start. My choice picks include “Loving Cup” (reminds me of Mojo Nixon or the Cramps), “Em” (toe-tapping drum/bass lines), “Woke Up In A Police Car” (a hint of X), “Call The Police” (a Stephanie McDee cover…very catchy) and “Pinball King” (very fucking nice!). Actually, I enjoy the majority of these tracks and my last few picks are “Come A Little Closer” (just imagine it in but with a woman’s voice…delightful), “Little War Child” (a bit of bubblegum surf-pop), “Oblivian” (I’d love to hear this while stoned…lots of groove) and “Desperation” (booze-soaked urgency). I hate the fact that this review has so many buzz-words but I want you to know that I’m definitely going to look at the Oblivians back catalog because I cannot fucking believe that they weren’t in my playlist until now. Wow. Color me impressed. Oh, shut the fuck up and go out and buy this slab of “soulful punk-garage-blues-trash” (not my words but pretty damn close!)

FCC: Clean
Try: ALL!!!!

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