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Gregory Tardy – “Mounuments”

Tardy(reeds) leads his group in a muscular post-bop effort which they filter through a modern lens. Original compositions on Cuts #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 9 & 10. BDJF performance 6/09/13. DO NOT MARK AS NEW

Bob Mazurek Octet – “Skull Sessions”

Mazurek(crnt) is a prolific composer & leader who brings two of his ensembles together; San Paulo Underground & Exploding Star Orchestra, for a typically adventurous session. These sometimes densely layered confections are leavened by Nicole Mitchell’s flute. Electronic tweekings and unusual sounds abound.(t)

Luce Trio – “Pieces, Volume I

Debut album from this group(pronounced loo – chay). Jon De Lucia(reeds) put this group together in 2010. Could be described as a chamber music effort with a definite baroque bent. BDJF performance at BCA Center(2nd floor) on 6/08/13

Helen Sung – “Going Express”

Helen, a Texas-born pianist  navigates the music in a sprightly fashion sometimes melding jazz and classical indicating her musical training. Great effort by all sidemen. Their responses to her leads are spectacular. BDJF performance on 6/06/13. DO NO MARK AS NEW

Tullycraft – “lost in light rotation”

The forefathers of twee-pop return with their sixth release. Sparkling, upbeat, smart with DIY punk aesthetic, jangly guitars, nasally male vocals & sweet female backing. play: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 10, 11 riyl: architecture in helsinki, built to spill, BOAT, Boy least likely to

PacificUV – “After The Dream You Are Awake”

Celestial dream-pop with synthy beats, post-rock rhythms, hushed male vocals. Track 5 is a Billy Idol cover. play:1, 2, 4, 5, 8 RIYL: M83, Phantogram, Sigur Ros

Bird Names – “Naming Names” (LOCAL)

7th album from local Brattleboro, VT lo-fi experimental psych-pop. Messed-up guitar layers, off-pitch vocal harmonies, sounds effects and pop melodies. you will enjoy it! PLAY: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 14 RIYL: ariel pink, unknown mortal orchestra, jacco gardner

Carla Bruni – Little French Songs (Verve)

Review by Alisha Sud French lounge-pop. Simple vocals, slight country/folk vibe. Bruni is a French-Italian performer & model married to former French President Nicolas Sarkozy. RIYL Yael Naim, ZaZ. Try 2,8,9,11

Joyce Moreno – Tudo (Far Out)

Review by Alisha Sud  First release by this Brazilian icon (best known simply as “Joyce”) in 10 years, featuring all original compositions. Lively, upbeat, jazz-ish rhythms with Portuguese vocals. Very similar-sounding tracks.  RIYL Joao Donato.  Try 1,4,7

Nynke – Alter (Crammed Discs)

Review by Alisha Sud Mellow, thoughtful rhythms with soothing and relaxing Frisian vocals (Frisia is a coastal area in the Netherlands & Germany).  Has Gypsy/Nomadic undertones.  RIYL A Naifa, Cristina Branco.  Try 1,2,3,7

W-H-I-T-E – “III”

III is the third album from Los Angeles based experimental musician and visual artist W-H-I-T-E (aka Cory Thomas Hanson).  While touring with Mikal Cronin, Hanson started working on his newest release, III, which is a departure from previous albums, 2009’s Sunna and 2011’s Twin Tigers. The track “Demons” shows inspiration from the intimate, quiet music […]

Saturday Looks Good To Me – “one kiss ends it all”

A spontaneous and breezy vibe flows through the album’s 12 selections, drawing on the reference points of 60’s pop and early indie rock, all filtered through the band’s skewed pop lens. Fred Thomas’ songs are always bittersweet, but short, uptempo rockers like “Invisible Friend” and “Break In” recall the open-hearted running melodicism of New Zealand kiwi-pop while more groove-oriented […]

Claps – “Glory, Glory”

dark, minimal synth-pop, new-wave. bleak & beautiful with low reverb vocals. play ALL: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7riyl: john maus, soft metals, sixth june

MØ – “Pilgrim” Single

The new single from Danish, female artist Mo features two songs comprised of funky, electronically influenced hip-hop production. Over the top of skittering drum beats and deep bass, Mo sings with a harsh edge to her voice which helps to set her apart from similar artists. Despite this, she still maintains a pop sensibility, making […]

Fake Babies – “EP”

Glitchy Casio drum machines & lo-fi garage skronk from this Connecticut-based band: “Don’t Hold Your Breath” & “Islands” have groups of people shouting their vocals in unison, for a subtle anthemic element.  The beat on “Island” stutters & shifts, perhaps the most fun song here.  “Talk Like My Baby” is more straightforward & chiming, whereas […]

Julian Lynch – “Lines”

Having released a handful of full-lengths already, Lines sees Julian Lynch at his best.  “Carlos Kelleyi I” has jangling acoustics & tangled voices.  The title track merges Pat Metheny, The Microphones, Steve Reich, Robert Fripp & a beat similar to that in Animal Collective’s “Leaf House”, to stunning effect!  “Gloves” features strings, while “Onions” shows […]

Majical Clouds – “impersonator”

Montreal’s Devon Welsh’s third release as Majical Clouds. Features Welsh’s rich vocals atop quiet looped waves of white noise, filtered synths and sparse thuds.  Minimal experimental electronic music with expressive power and intense lyrics about death, family, desire. play: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9 riyl: doldrums, Autre ne Viet, Grouper

Wild Nothing – “empty estate”

Jack Tatum’s Wild Nothing project: “Ocean Repeating (Big Eyed Girl)” is full of handclaps, synth melodies & stuttering rhythms.  “Data World” evokes The War On Drugs song “Baby Missiles”, but with low-end post-punk bass & beats.  Never Better staple jam “A Dancing Shell” is simultaneously shoegazey & dance-floor ready. More beat-heavy than previously. play: 1, […]

Wampire – “curiosity”

Portland, OR duo Wampire’s debut is produced by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s bass player, Jacob Portrait! Curiosity is the latest in a rash of great psychedelia-tinged 2013 rock LP’s.  Early fave “The Hearse” begins with an organ that sounds like part of a horror film soundtrack, before this catchy pop jam reveals itself!  “Giants” is the group’s […]

Dumpsteraphunk – Dirty Word

New Orleans’ heavyweight funk collective delivers a set filled w/nasty bass lines & dirty guitar riffs dripping w/vocals and infused w/the strong keyboards of Ivan Neville(son of Aaron). BDJF Waterfront Bayou Tent performance on 6/06/13.

Medicine for the People – Dark As Night

Dark As Night expresses the cultural, environmental, and social concerns and hopes of frontman Nahko through vocals, guitar, keyboard, African-influenced percussion, and occasional woodwind and horn sections. Nahko’s lyrics provide the band’s most distinctive element, articulating a connection to the land and criticism of modern, institutional society in the true manner of word, sound, and […]

My True Story – Aaron Neville

Aaron’s renditions of some classic doo-wop tunes of the 1950s. I found myself singing along.  I know all these songs, because Aaron & I are the same age (72 y.o.). It was hard to find a suitable place for this recording(rock, R&B), but I finally settled on blues. In performance at the Flynn Theatre on […]

JJ Grey & Mofro – The River

Recently appearing at Higher Ground on 4/25/13 this is JJ Grey’s 8th album and his 7th on the Alligator record label.  Released on April 16th, 2013 in my mind this is his best album since Country Ghetto which came out 6 years ago.  Playing a mix of down home swamp blues and rock and roll […]

R. Carlos Nakai- The Best of Carlos Nakai,In Beauty, We Return

With 20 years of publishing this CD In Beauty We Return is the Best of Carlos Nakai, world-renowned traditional cedar flute player. The album is in sections, the first being solo flute in tacks 1-4.  Quiet Collaborations is the fitting title for tracks 5,6 and 7.  With drum and percussion in tracks 8,9,10.  Amazing orchestra […]

Tibetan Buddhists-Sacred Land (Tibetan Buddhist Ritual Music of Himalayan Nepal

These are the real chants of the Tibetian Buddhists living at the Tengbouche Monastery and the nuns of Thurpton Choling in the Himalayas of Nepal.  The nuns are on Tracks 6,7,8. Play: Track3,8