Montreal native Ghislain Poirier is back under the new moniker of Boundary, also the title of his latest release. The music is a mix of Dark Ambient, Electro Hop, IDM, 8-bit, and Experimental. Sounds run of mill right? What’s different here is that Poirier has taken these sounds and has made them into new and fresh sounding music that has a dark side to them. The title track, Fukushima, is haunting and tense, you can imagine the fear and panic that was happening there during the nuclear crisis. Other tracks like Expo 67, and Bootleg Fireworks have a spacey feel but are anchored with pounding beats and Long Story Short has a Tribal Ambient feel to it. Each track has its own identity but the album has a good flow and cohesiveness. This is an awesome album that showcases Poirier’s talent and creativity.

RIYD: Lorn, Biosphere, Tolouse Low Trax, Four Tet
Tracks: they’re all good

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