Orchid – Wizard of War EP


OrchidWizard of War EP
Release date: 2013Feb22
Label: Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4/5

Orchid hail from San Francisco and play a sinister blend of doom metal that is heavily influenced by Black Sabbath. This was true of their first two releases (Capricorn and Through The Devil’s Doorway EP). However, with the release last fall of the Heretic EP and the current Wizard of War EP, Orchid is in the middle of diversifying their sound. “Wizard of War” is a straight-up take on what Black Sabbath should sound like in 2013. Slow it down a bit more and it would fit right in on any of the first 4 BS releases. “Demon’s Eyes” draws more from occult/psychedelic 70s rock and it shows in the bass and the drumming. I think that they could have picked a better track as this doesn’t resonate much. Nonetheless, I am still quite psyched for the next release, which I hope will be a full length.

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  1. […] return with The Mouths of Madness. I previously reviewed the Wizard of War EP, which only added to my anticipation of this release. “The Mouths of Madness” starts off with […]

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