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Eternal Summers/Reading Rainbow split ep- “Summer Reading”

Split ep from Chimney Sweep Records. 2 songs from each band. Both are lo-fi, minimal, jangly psych-garage-pop boy/girl duo’s. Eternal summers: simple, upbeat drums, quick guitar strums and harmonies, from Virginia but sound like they’re from Olympia, WA (K records). Reading Rainbow is more fuzzy & dreamy. **highly recommended tracks: 1 2 3 4 riyl: […]

Slaraffenland- “We’re on your side”

2nd release from experimental pop band from Denmark. group male vocals, emotional lyrics, multi-instruments (brass, woodwinds) and “organic percussion of hand-claps top the standard rock band setup”. *recommended tracks: 2 6 8 9 riyl: Akron/Family, do Make say Think, EfterKlang

Traveling Show – Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank

Interesting collection of songs that “range from rough-hewn, dust-in-the-voice folk songs to dreamy ballads; from pedal-steel country to bare-bones rock” I like it – play any.

Then There’s Now – Kyle Hollingsworth

Former SCI (String Cheese Incident) keyboardist departs from the jam stylings of his past for this tighter, yet still funky exploration of his original works. As with his old band this probably works better live. Not overly impressive IMHO.

exploding head

Band is based out of New York.  Psychedelic, shoegazy, post industrial rock.  Opened for Nine Inch Nails in April 08.  Heavy and noisey! RIYL a shoegazy Interpol or New Order mixed with Stone Roses FCC 4 Play Any except 4

Uncanny Valley

Psychedelic prog rock out of Raleigh, North Carolina.  I like the sinister fuzz guitar, synth noises, and strange sounds played in reverse.  This album stays weird without being corny by maintaining a classic rock sound. FCC Clean Play 3, 5, 9, 11.

With Blasphemy, So Heartfelt – Jessica Lea Mayfield

Produced and featuring Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, it’s a collection of alternative folk songs with deep roots and dark soul. Moody, with lamenting arrangements and a melancholy feel.  


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