When Love Met Destruction

Motionless In White– “When Love Met Destruction”
released February 17,2009 on Fearless Records

Motionless In White is a band from Wilkes-Barre Pennsylvania that seems like a cookie-cutter band at first until you listen to this CD. “Ghost In The Mirror” starts out with time signatures every ten seconds that build up into breakdowns. Really, a standard hardcore formula that you can’t go wrong with. Not too melodic or polished either. “The Seventh Circle” has a similar formula but with slightly more melody to it. The rest of songs have profanities but “Destroying Everything” is reminiscent of a basic metalcore formula. Overall, it’s an interesting album and nothing really stands out to me. I’m sure they’ll have (or have had) mainstream success but otherwise, I can’t see much to draw me to this album. If you’re big on post-hardcore or pseudo-metalcore, check this out.

FCC: 1,3,4,5
Recommended Tracks: 2,6

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