God Is I

Merauder– “God Is I”
released August 26th, 2009 on Regain Records

Merauder’s sound is described as “hardcore meets metal ferocity” and they have toured with the likes of Sick Of It All, Motorhead and Morbid Angel among others. “Until” gets the ball rolling with a good mix of crunchy guitars, thundering bass and drums that feel like rapid gunfire. “Built On Blood” has that old-school hardcore feel similar to Sick Of It All but much, much heavier in nature. “Perdona Me” reminds me a bit of Coalesce and/or In Flames by starting out slow, eerie, and working its’ way up to a melee of killer bass and blistering drums. Possibly the most balanced track on this album. Overall, a decent metalcore release that I feel is a good way to introduce someone to the overall style.

FCC: 2,3,6
Recommended Tracks: 1, *7*

01. Until
02. Ratcatcher
03. Built On Blood
04. Gangsta
05. Forgotten Children
06. God Is I
07. Perdona Me
08. Hell Captive
09. Ahora
10. Never Surrender

Rating: starstarstarblank starblank star

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