Masterful Mystery Tour

Beatallica – “Masterful Mystery Tour”
released August 4, 2009 on Oglio Entertainment

At last the world gets what it’s wanted for years, but has always been afraid to ask: a mashup band that blends the worlds of Metallica and The Beatles (actually, they formed eight years ago and this is their second LP, but that’s beside the point). The band is amazingly adept at innovating with the established material, especially considering the potential for utter lameness. Rather than simply ape these bands, or sing the lyrics of one over the music of the other, they amalgamate songs from both sides into something surprisingly fresh and damn entertaining. When you hear the accuracy in the musicianship–not to mention the best James Hetfield impression you’ve ever heard–you’ll understand why Lars Ulrich decided to back these guys in their battle against the cease-and-desist order from Sony/ATV. Absolutely worth the time for fans of either band and parodies of any kind.

FCC: 3, 4, 7
Try 1, 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12

01. Battery of Jaymz and Yoko, The
02. Masterful Mystery Tour
03. Fuel On the Hill
04. And I’m Evil?
05. Everybody’s Got a Ticket To Ride Except For Me and My Lightning
06. Running For Your Life
07. Thing That Should Not Let It Be, The
08. Hero of the Day Tripper
09. Got To Get You Trapped Under Ice
10. I’ll Just Bleed Your Face
11. I Want To Choke Your Band
12. Tomorrow Never Comes

Rating: ★★★★☆

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