Heart Of Darkness

Burnt By The Sun – “Heart Of Darkness”
released August 18, 2009 on Relapse

This is certainly the year for classic “metalcore” bands to resurface with new material. Coalesce and Brutal Truth both released excellent new material this year (and also on Relapse, no less), and the much-anticipated third album from this NJ quartet is no exception. You’ll not find any of the faux brutality that plagues our metallic world here, nor will you hear the kinda goofy lyrics (clever though they were) that BBTS would occasionally employ in the past. No, this is a band that has sounded their final battle cry and is using every second at their disposal to let us know that things are pretty messed up in the world right now, and there needs to be a reassessment of priorities. What impressed me was their ability to compose at greater length, even with multiple parts (7). And just in case that puts you off, the shortest track follows (8), with just as much gusto and dynamism, in case the detractors raised an eyebrow. Vitriolic blasts against modern society are rarely this interesting.

Oh, and watch for melanoma, people!

FCC: 6
Try 1, 2, 3, 7, 8, 9

01. Inner Station
02. Cardiff Giant
03. F-Unit
04. A Party to the Unsound Method
05. There Will Be Blood
06. Goliath
07. Rust /Future Primitive
08. Beacon
09. The Great American Dream Machine
10. The Wolves Are Running

Rating: ★★★★☆

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