Dead Harvest

This Ending – “Dead Harvest”
Released March 2, 2009 on Metal Blade

This Ending was initially formed as A Canorous Quintet back in 1991 in Stockholm, part of the initial wave of Swedish melodic death metal bands. Though they came nowhere close to achieving the same fame as other members of the scene like In Flames or At the Gates, when they disbanded in the late ’90s, drummer Fredrik Andersson joined Amon Amarth and has stayed in their lineup ever since. This does not change the fact that this album appeals to just about every cliché surrounding melodic death metal, though. The catches in each song are repeated a million times too many (I get it, you like to say “trace of sin”) and there seems to be one rhythm used in every breakdown throughout the whole album. When they begin to play a “new” riff, you can play air guitar along to it before you’ve heard the song once. There are some strong points, though. 7 and 10 have some nice harmonies, 3 has a slow and quiet outro, and 6 has a very intense buildup. These things don’t save the album, though, and it falls into the abyss of standard melodeath bands.

Try 3, 6, 7

01. Trace of Sin
02. Parasites
03. Machinery
04. Instigator of Dead Flesh
05. Dellusionists
06. Army of the Dying Sun
07. Dead Harvest
08. Tools of Demise
09. Deathtrade
10. The Asylum

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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