Love Deep Inside

Here’s what the promoters are saying…

“One of the hottest trends in dance music is introducing strong elements from other genres, including country, guitar-laden rock, and most identifiably reggae.  Audiences have responded enthusiastically to this cross-pollination of styles, and now, Capp Records is bringing you a Billboard-bound, reggae-infused dance track poised to be a summer hit: Love Deep Inside

Here’s what the Common Raven is saying…

Delight as Rico Bernasconi swings his stylish dreadlocks through the air, casting away all cares and inhibitions, while scantily clad ladies sensually caress themselves in low grinds on the dancefloor.  With all the formulaic predictability of Billboard-bound, reggae-infused dance tracks, Love Deep Inside stands firm and erect as a clever euphemism for laying pipe thinly disguised as a feel-good summer anthem.

Love Deep Inside EP – featuring radio edits and various remixes of Rico Bernasconi’s chart-blowing and mind-topping reggae house classic, Love Deep Inside.  Set the party on fire with tracks #3, #5 and #10!

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