Coba Coba Remixed

Novalima – Coba Coba Remixed

Released June 16th, 2009 on Cumbancha

World fusion is quickly becoming one of the prominent electronic genres. All over the world artists are taking traditional folk music and merging them with modern production techniques and elements of electronic music. Cumbancha, which has stuck to traditional world music in the past, is finally making it’s way into the world fusion market. Novalima’s album Coba Coba (released this past January) was Afro-Peruvian music with a world fusion flare. The band then sent out their tracks to some of their favorite DJs (DJ Spam of Spam All-Stars, Boozoo Bajou, Faze Action, Da Lata, etc.) to get them remixed and this album is the result. What’s beautiful about World Fusion is that it isn’t isolated to a particular electronic form. This album covers almost every form, from latin (micro)house (#3) to downtempo (#8,10) to dub (#9) to electro (#1,4,12,14) to DnB (#7). International DJs will dig this and RPM DJs will LOVE it. There’s not really a bad track on here. It merely depends on the tempo you’re looking for.

My favorites are: #3, 4, 6, 9, 11

There is a copy in RPM and in International. The original album, Coba Coba, is still in International New Music.

  1. Tumbala (Da Lata Remix)
  2. Ruperta (Zeb Remix)
  3. Coba Guarango (Toni Economides Remix)
  4. Yo Voy (Faze Action Remix)
  5. Bomba
  6. Tumbala (Oreja Remix)
  7. Yo Voy (Seiji Remix)
  8. Africa Lando (Boozoo Bajou Remix)
  9. Camote (Toni’s Dub)
  10. Ruperta (DJ Spam Remix)
  11. Se Me Van (EarthRise “Bedouin Breakdown” Remix)
  12. Tumbala (StreamerPilot’s ¡Azu Madre! Remix)
  13. Bomba (Coba Soundsystem Mix)
  14. Yo Voy (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
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