21st Century Breakdown

This album came into the station and though it’s likely that it won’t be played on the air, I feel that it at least deserves a review as it’s too good of an album to simply ignore.

Green Day has made another album that harkens to more of a rock opera with the main characters of each “act” being a man named Christian and his girlfriend named Gloria.

The title track, 21st Century Breakdown starts off with a few low notes and the drumming of Tre Cool starts to pick up and it ends up with a good pop-punk vibe and sounds like something that would be at home on their Warning album. Billie Joe Armstrong is no Mike Ness but it also has a later Social Distortion feel to it. Know Your Enemy is one of the radio singles and honestly, it’s not one of the more impressive songs. Standard formulaic Green Day here. I should note that the album is broken down into 3 parts like a play or rock opera of sorts. !Viva La Gloria! starts off slow and soft and picks up in the middle much like the title track and has a standard pop-punk feel to it. The songs tend to feel a bit deeper and they try to steer Green Day away from predictability.  The beginning of Before the Lobotomy has an early-Green Day feel to it and seems like it would be at home on the Kerplunk album. The middle picks up and fits more in with Insomniac. Christian’s Inferno has a Misfits vibe to it because of the pacing and it’s basically a simple song with lyrics like I got under the grip between this modern hell/I got the rejection letter in the mail, it was already ripped to shreds/Seasons in ruin and this bitter pill is chased with blood/There’s fire in my veins and it’s pouring out like a flood! There’s a lot of depth to it.

I could go on and on about describing these songs. However, you should at least listen to this album before you pan it. I actually like it more than American Idiot but for me, I prefer the stuff they did from 1990 to 1995 the most. I like my Green Day cheap and easy and not full of depth. Still a worthy listen and before you know it, it’s all over MTV and the airwaves. It’s a testament to the depth of this band but for me, it’s more of an acquired taste.

FCC: 17, 8 (kind of vague though), 14, 15
Recommended Tracks: All except for the FCCs and the radio singles
RIYL: Green Day, The Misfits, Social Distortion, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys

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