The People Or The Gun

Anti-Flag has been making 3-chord, 77 style punk rock since the late 90s. I started listening to them when I was 16 and they’ve always stuck to a formula of politically-charged punk rock, eventually starting their own grassroats record label and causes, mainly on the political Left. This is a cd of songs from their upcoming seventh album “The People Or The Gun”. It’s not the actual album though but it has all of the FCC safe tracks on it, which is really nice.

The first track, Sodom, Gomorrah, Washington D.C (Sheep in Shephards Clothing) starts off blazing fast with the classic A-F sound. Justin Sane’s vocals meld with the guitars/bass of Chris #2, Chris Head and the rapid-fire drumming of Pat Thetic. It sounds more like their earlier stuff but it’s sped up. This Is The First Night sounds more like something from their last album as it’s got more melody to it and it sounds folkier.  When All The Lights Go Out once again harkens to their roots and delivers the standard A-F goodness. On Independence Day sounds more polished than the other tracks and seems like an evolution of their sound. The Old Guard has a Plan A Project/Unseen/US Bombs feel to it and has the right amount of melody and straight up 3-chord punk and with lyrics like this, The time has come to say goodnight. /The time has come to say goodbye to the old guard/Goodnight/Goodbye/Witness the setting sun/The tables have been turned/We will not suffer their reprise, it’s a no-brainer.

It seems like the usual Anti-Flag record but I like how they’ve evolved over the years. I’m actually kind of tired of the left-wing rhetoric but I still feel like stomping around to their stuff. Might want to check out their older stuff before you buy this because it’ll make you appreciate this album more (or maybe not). Bottom line, it’s politically-charged melodic punk rock.

FCC: None
Recommended Tracks: Play all but 1 and 5 are winners
RIYL: Dead Kennedys, Blanks 77, UK Subs, Unseen, US Bombs, Plan A Project

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