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The Afrosound Of Colombia Vol 2

ANTH: Colombia – The Afrosound Of Colombia Vol 2 (VampiSoul)

Another fine collection of diverse classics from the vaults of Discos Fuentes, the label that coined the term ‘Afrosound’ to describe the home-grown musical product of Colombian folk culture and its ancestral roots in Africa. Mark your favorites!


ANTH: Glitterbeat – Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions (Glitterbeat)

From the German label specializing in music from Africa & beyond (Bombino, Tamikrest, Seymali, etc.), reinterpretations of some of their favorite African tracks by a diverse group of remix artists. The African elements are sometimes lost, but it’s still really entertaining music. Samples and more info here


Batida – Dois (Soundway)

The Lisbon-based Angolan radio host & producer Pedro Coquenão is back with another synergy of traditional Angolan dance tunes & modern electronic music. Some tracks are more tribal, which works really well. Top notch guests on nearly all tracks. FCC violations on #s 2 and 4…

Fiesta, Que Viva La

Ensamble Polifonico Vallenato/Sexteto La Constelacion De Colombia – Fiesta, Que Viva La (Staubgold)

From some of the pioneers of the nascent experimental music scene in Bogota Colombia; an abstraction (or parody?) of Colombia’s Caribbean coastal musical styles. Six tracks are by the Ensemble (with accordion) followed by 4 tracks by a later incarnation of the band, the Sexteto (with flute). Strange indeed.

Los Aguas Aguas

Los Aguas Aguas – Two, Three Karate Moves (Intolerancia)

Members of this 11 member band from Veracruz Mexico are music teachers and promoters of Son Jarocho, the regional musical style. But here they combine this style with a strong Jamaican influence along with hints of Afro-Caribbean sounds. Nice!

La Sucursal de la Cumbia

La Sucursal de la Cumbia – Cumbia a Domicilio (Intolerancia)

From the Baja peninsula in Mexico, on the border with California, here is playful cumbia-rock fusion from a talented & energetic 8-piece band. Mixes the cumbia beat with electric guitars, horns, & wild percussion. Clearly meant for dancing!


Amabis – Trabalhos Carnivoros (Mais Um Discos)

This Brazilian producer & songwriter, known for his work with Ceu among others, turns out to be a fine vocalist as well, as showcased here. Nicely arranged shoe-gaze ballads with mellow fuzz guitar, a bit of flute, & many other instrumental layers here & there.


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