Debut EP from 18 year old Michael Brailey is titled Pericardial. The music is super mellow Ambient that has a lush darkness to it. The album starts with a FKA Twigs cover (Water Me) which is also dialed down Ambient. There are some haunting, soulful vocals on the tracks which add a nice dimension to […]

Gone Home is the second release and first full length release from artist Keenya. The music here is pretty much ambient soundscapes but with influences from Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Very mellow and exotic the tracks drift and float along and it’s easy for the listen to do the same as their […]

Marks is a remix/re-work album of FaltyDL’s In The Wild. The tracks have an Experimental vibe to them and are a mix of Ambient and Jazz with elements of Bass Music and Electro Hop. The tracks are engaging and interesting and make an excellent companion to the In The Wild album. Tracks: All Good

White Light Monochrome is the latest release from Radioactive Man. The music is Minimal Techno with bouncy bass lines and a funky, retro Detroit Techno vibe to it and a dose of Electro-Rock mixed in. Very dance floor friendly. Tracks: All Good

Business Pleasure is an EP from Little Boots. The four track EP is Synth Dance and the music and lyrics are not very inspired. Tracks: 1

Flashlight is a four track EP from Bonobo. The EP contains two versions of the single Flashlight plus the tracks Pelican and Return To Air. The music has a Downtempo Dance vibe and the tracks won’t exactly blow you away but they’re easy to listen and groove to. Tracks: All Good

Four Shades of Christmas Remixes is a remix album of Jon O’Bergh’s holiday release 10 Shades of Christmas. O’bergh is an accomplished Jazz pianist and enlisted producer Andre Akinyele to remix the tracks. The music still retains a solid Jazz sound but with an electronic psudo-dance vibe to it. It’s a little weird listening to […]


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